State of the Art Technology

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-technology-knowledge-experienceExperience and Knowledge

Over 50 years of experience in the aquatic industry and over 20,000 commercial pools installed globally in over 70 countries in every climate and demanding environment.  No other pool manufacturing company has the breadth of knowledge in design, engineering, manufacturing and installation. More information here. 

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-technology-engineering-advanced Advanced Engineering

Patented pre-engineered stainless steel laminated panels with a hard PVC laminated coating.  Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards utilizing the latest CAD/CAM equipment, and integrating the latest Revit and Inventor design process for drawings and details.  Keep reading. 

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-technology-precisionAbsolute Precision

A comprehensive design, developed with 3D software results in the installation to be absolutely precise.  Dimensional components are exact, giving the owner precisely what the design team envisioned.  Learn more. 

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-technology-maintenance-freeLow Maintenance

Unlike traditional types of construction methods, our technology requires very low maintenance for the life of the building.  The structure will not suffer from cracks, tiles popping, or be susceptible to leaks caused by aggressive water or just plain material characteristics.  This is a key benefit to Hotel and Resort owners as there is basically no “down time” for repairs needed to the pool.  Read more. 

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-technology-long-lifeLong Life and Extensive Guarantee

Swimming or leisure pools built using Myrtha technology have a virtually unlimited life due to the advanced materials and manufacturing techniques utilized in the process.  The guarantee and warranty of 25 years for the structure and 15 year 100% waterproof installation is the industry’s best by far.  See more.   

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-design-material-stainless-pvcRenovaction Technology

Click here to watch this video explaining how simple it is to transform an existing pool into a Kenemco pool. 

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-technology-pool-engineering-advanced-precisionMyrtha Technology

Click here to watch this video detailing the technology behind what makes Myrtha Pools so special and innovative.