Return on Investment

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-ROI-minimum-maintenanceBest Life Cycle Costs

Myrtha Pools basically guarantees that their installation has the longest life cycle of any type of pool construction.  Myrtha’s installation pricing is basically the same world wide and they hold their pricing firm throughout the time of construction.  In general, the installation costs are the life costs of the facility.  Of course it is expected for the pool owners and operators to properly maintain the structure.  Myrtha even offers Hotel and Resort owners timely follow up inspections of the facility every 1-2 years.  This benefit greatly adds insight to the maintenance team at each facility.  Read more. 

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-ROI-life-cycleMinimum Maintenance

Virtually eliminating the annual cost of maintenance throughout the life of the facility is a critical amount of savings to the Hotel and Resort owner.  Traditional construction methods vary, but major renovations are required approximately every 10 years. Re-tiling and re-plastering are generally every 5 – 7 years during the life of the building. Myrtha technology does NOT have any of these issues. And when used in conjunction with our industry filtration and mechanical partners, the amount of reduced costs on maintenance is significant.  This offers the Hotel and Resort owners the opportunity to apply much of the maintenance budget in other areas of the property. See more. 

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-ROI-no-shut-downPools Do Not Shut Down

Should maintenance ever be required on a Myrtha Pool, the pool does not need to be emptied or shut down.  Virtually any repair, if needed, can be accomplished without disruption to the Hotel and Resort clients.  This is not the case for traditional construction methods.  Hotel and Resort owners know that this is costly for their operations in a number of ways.  The construction cost of the renovations and repairs, as well as the interruption of their operations.  Keep reading.

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-ROI-happy-customersCustomers Will Not Be Disappointed

Since there is virtually no continued shut down of the pool for maintenance issues with Myrtha technology, your customers will not experience that significant “disappointment” when they book a reservation and find out the pool is “closed for repairs and maintenance”!  This is one of the biggest complaints that customers note in several hospitality surveys.  At the higher end luxury Hotels and Resorts, owners simply cannot afford this!  More information. 

Best Team for the Moneykenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-ROI-best-team

Kenemco Group acts as a “Matchmaker” for the Hotel and Resort company without charge, bringing “State of the Art” Myrtha technology to the Hotel and Resort company.  Owners can be assured that they are getting absolutely the best team, the best technology and the best value by far, for their aquatic facilities.  Learn more.