The KENEMCO Group is a global organization of highly specialized leaders in the aquatics industry bringing years of marketing, design, manufacturing and construction experience to the hotel & resort, water park, health club and therapy markets.  Kenemco proudly represents Myrtha pools within these industries.

State of the Art Technology

• Experience & Knowledge

• Advanced Engineering-Quality Control

• Absolute Precision

• Low Maintenance

• Long & Extensive Guarantee

• Renovaction Technology (video)

New Installation (video)

Design Elements

 • Unlimited Design Capabilities

 • Collaboration with Architects & Consultants

 • Smart Use of Material

 • Wide Range of Finishes

 • Industry Leading Lighting

 • Advanced Hydraulic Circulation

Installation Advantages


 • Shorter Installation Time

 • Greater Flexibility for the General Contractor

 • Significantly Reduced Weight

 • No Heavy Equipment Needed

 • 100% Waterproof Confidence

 • Global Consistency – Pool Academy

Environmental Benefits


 • Reduced Greenhouse Gas, LEED points

 • Innovative Filtration Systems

 • Less Water, Chemicals & Energy Usage

 • Superior Water Quality

 • Superior Air Quality

Return on Investment


 • Best Life Cycle Costs

 • Minimum Maintenance

 • Pools Do Not Shut Down

 • Customers Will Not Be Disappointed

 • Best Team for the Money

We live for challenging installation projects.  Check out these elevated, small-space, or high-water-table installations here.