Installation Advantages

Shorter Installation Time

Myrtha technology installs in about one third of the time as traditional concrete or tiled pools.  This allows the project to be completed much faster bringing revenue to the Hotel and Resort owner in shorter time.  Time is money – reducing construction time means reduced construction costs.  Read more.  

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-install-advantages-flexibility-greater Greater Flexibility for the General Contractor

Myrtha technology allows the general contractor much greater flexibility in scheduling when to install the pool.  Its state of the art technology can be very flexible in what phase of the building the pool construction commences.  This allows the GC to build the project at their best practice, and not be constrained as to when the construction of a traditional pool must be installed.  Learn more here. 

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-install-advantages-reduced-weight-significant Significantly Reduced Weight

Myrtha Pools technology is absolutely perfect for all elevated locations on the property.  It is approximately 80% less weight than a concrete pool, which means significant reduction in structural costs for the building.  Eliminating large amounts of concrete, rebar and labor costs for traditional construction is a huge advantage for the Hotel and Resort owners when utilizing Myrtha technology.  More information.  

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-install-advantage-no-heavy-equipmentNo Heavy Equipment Needed

Since Myrtha technology is designed in panel form, there is no need for heavy equipment like traditional construction methods.  Cranes and pumping equipment are not needed.  Every panel can fit in an elevator and pass through a normal doorway with just one or two people.  This is another cost reduction benefit to the construction team and, ultimately, the Hotel and Resort owner.  See more.  

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-install-waterproof100% Waterproof Confidence

Myrtha’s state of the art technology allows for a 100% waterproof installation.  The liquid PVC sealing method assures that every panel joint is completely tight and waterproof.  Hotel and Resort design teams can then accent the pool structure with a variety of material finishes (mosaic, glass, ceramic, composite, etc.) in order to achieve the desired look they are seeking, as these do not act as the waterproofing agent as in traditional construction.  Hotel and Resort owners can have absolute confidence that the pool will not be leaking on the floor and occupants below.  Additional information here. 

image22Global Consistency – Pool Academy

A Hotel and Resort company can be assured that a Myrtha Pools installation in Paris has the same integrity as an installation in New York or Hong Kong.  This is because Myrtha Pools’ certified installation companies must pass stringent requirements and testing, performed at the company’s Pool Academy.  This ongoing process of continuing education on the latest innovative products and installation is a requirement of both the management and the installing technicians.  This certification requirement allows Myrtha to offer the industry’s best warranty.  Keep reading.