Hotels and Resorts

New hotel and resort trends:  Pleasure, sustainability, technology


Customer’s tastes and desires are changing at an accelerated pace. In today’s sophisticated Hotel & Resort communities, a much wider array of features and amenities is required to satisfy the taste of discerning guests.

Since Hotels & Resorts around the world have introduced spa and swimming pools among their services they have seen a significant increase in business. The combination of a pool, spa and wellness facility enables a resort to become a multi-seasonal destination.


Hotels are, more than ever, establishing a strong identity with their surroundings. Environmental responsibility is embraced by many, making it important to combine full sustainability and compatibility with the natural surroundings. In consideration of that movement, many hotels have been designed with respect to the terrain by using local materials which reflect the sense of color and texture of the area. The use of environmentally friendly technologies is part of this new architectural language: solar and photovoltaic installations, fixtures that reduce heat loss and objects made from recycled materials.


In addition, guests are engulfed with changing technology in their day to day lives. They expect to find the same high-tech services when they travel, whether for business or pleasure.

For these reasons, the design of architectural spaces and aquatic facilities in a hotel are very important. The Pool & Spa designer must have a clear vision of the technical side of the construction equipment to be offered as well as the intrinsic experience expectations of the guest.

The design of a wellness facility incorporates the emotional aspect of the facility. The environment must be soothing and relaxing, leaving the guest with an unforgettable experience.