Environmental Benefits

image13Reduced Greenhouse Gas, LEED points

The specialized engineering firm, ACOR Consultants, performed a detailed analysis of various pool construction types and concluded that Myrtha saves approximately 45% of greenhouse gases (CO2) when compared to traditional tile and concrete construction.

With respect to LEED, Myrtha technology can add valuable points that positively enhance the building certification process, helping to increase the score for any project.  Read more here.  

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-environmental-filtration Innovative Filtration Systems

Working closely with industry manufacturing partners, new innovative types of filtration systems, Defender filters, are acknowledged to be an excellent solution in terms of both economics and environmental sustainability, ensuring “Perfect” water quality.  The Defender uses perlite as the filter medium, which can filter particulates as fine as one micron.  (at best, traditional sand filters can filter to 20 microns.)  The perlite medium can work for weeks or even months before needing to be changed.  This results in substantial savings to the Hotel and Resort owner.  See more. 

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-environmental-reduce-water-useReduce Water, Chemical and Energy Usage

Besides carbon emission savings, Myrtha technology does not require to be drained, cleaned with acids or re-grouted, thus saving a tremendous amount of water, chemicals and energy to reheat the water. In addition, the Defender filtration system uses 90% less water and waste, 30% less fuel and chemicals and 50% less electrical power.  These all add up to a substantial amount of environmental benefits to the planet and significant financial savings to the owner.  Learn more. 

Supkenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-environmental-water-qualityerior Water Quality

With traditional pools, plaster and grout continuously leach into the pool changing the PH levels which requires a continual amount of chemicals added to the pool.  With Myrtha technology the hard PVC is closed cell material so nothing is being added into the water.  In addition, algae and microbes cannot attach to the Myrtha material thus creating much better water.  Adding the benefits of the Defender filtration advantages, your pool water environment is superior quality and every guest will notice the difference.  Keep reading. 

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-environmental-benefits-woman-pool-waterSuperior Air Quality

With the best water quality resulting from the advanced material technology from Myrtha Pools and their industry associates, the potential for chloramines developing at the water surface is significantly diminished.  Thus the air quality is greatly enhanced especially on an indoor facility.  Hotel and Resort owners get a tremendous benefit from eliminating the “smell” from the pool area.  More information here.