Design Elements

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-design-capabilitiesUnlimited Design Capabilities

Myrtha stainless steel PVC coated technology is perfect for the most demanding environments.  From high water table, expansive soils, to high rise multi level designs, the integration of Myrtha technology suits every project.  Myrtha engineers and designers can help realize a vision where many traditional pools would be unable to be built, or be very costly.  Read more.  

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-design-collaborationCollaboration with Architects and Consultants

Being a global company and having over 50 years of interacting with the world’s best and brightest aquatic architects and consultants gives us a unique opportunity to share with a Hotel and Resort owner, and the design team, the best practices and solutions for the most demanding engineering and aesthetic expectations.  Additional information here.  

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-design-material-smartSmart Use of Material

Myrtha Pool’s State of the Art PVC coated Stainless Steel components and structure is the best technology for use in a hostile chemical environment.  All components are designed to be exactly as the owner and design team envisioned.  There is little to no waste on the job site and the advanced materials have a 45% less carbon footprint than traditional methods of construction.  The pool will last the life of the building, which is both envi ronmentally friendly and fiscally sound.  More information.  

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-technology-long-lifeWide Range of Finishes

Myrtha Pools can offer the most exciting and attractive finishes and look to their designs.  From ceramic, to glass, to marble, to stone and even composite materials.  None of these materials will compromise the waterproofing integrity.  This is not the case for traditional construction methods.  Adding leisure accessories such as Soft Safety Floor, hydro massage chairs and benches, will add a luxury component for the most discerning and upscale Hotel and Resort facility.  See examples here.

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-design-lighting Industry Leading Lighting

Blade, LED, fiber optic and gutter lighting add to the ambiance of the pool area and Myrtha technology leads the industry in this area.  This allows an upscale Hotel and Resort facility to change the look of the space.  With fierce competition in the luxury end of the hospitality market, these subtle design features can give an advantage to an owner.  See more. 

kenemco-group-aquatics-hospitality-industry-design-water-circulationAdvanced Hydraulic Circulation

Known globally for the best competitively designed pools in the world, Myrtha is the industry’s expert on proper water circulation due to extensive research into Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).  Myrtha Pools is virtually developing the science in this area.  Our engineers calculate the circulation system’s inlets and overflow return gutters, to assure that the chemical systems properly work as designed.  Most architects and aquatic consultants confer with Myrtha in this area due to the vast amount of experience.  Learn more.