Pools in different climatic conditions

Our advantages Maximum resistance to heat and below zero temperature Hundreds of Myrtha’s installations are located in countries with extreme climatic conditions: from Niger to Iceland, from Australia to Russia

Pools on soil with high water table

Our Advantages Guaranteed millimetric precision of the structure Materials that are resistant to thermal or marine water aggressiveness Total water tightness guaranteed The ability to add hydrostatic valves in the pool floor Ability to withstand differential settlement

Pools in seismic zones

Myrtha’s Advantages Maximum resistance to seismic peaks thanks to Myrtha’s flexibility Maximum adherence of waterproofing elements to the base structure Resistance to strikes, cracks and fissures  Independently analyzed to resist the highest ground accelerating forces

Pools in small spaces

Our Advantages Guaranteed millimetric precision of the structure (see more) Materials are easy to transport and install Possibility to install the pool alongside lateral walls

Pools on terraces

Wave pool

Wave suspended pool refurbishment 1,400m long new Myrtha Pools suspended river, with outstanding finishes and features 296 new colored LED Blade Lights Transparent 14m river bridge

High-rise elevated pools

River installation

Miami, FL; Porsche Tower

Moscow, Federation Towers Hotel

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